Power, Evolution, And Personal Responsibility

Power, Evolution, And Personal Responsibility

I often write about the personal power that every one of us has access to. Because we are God manifested in the human body, our power is limitless, yet we seldom demonstrate that     evolve power  power – why is that?

The power that we are is really controlled by personal responsibility and our own evolution. The more responsible we become for our individualized existences the more we evolve and the greater access we have to our power to create and manifest all that we desire.

There are safety protocols built into our being which do not allow access to our power until we are ready to use it beneficially. It has been clearly demonstrated over time what happens to individuals who have greater access to their own power. They will eventually destroy themselves, drunken and disillusioned on a high that leads nowhere. On an uncontrollable quest to reach the top, they forget that the top only leads down. Of course we all determine what the top is. If we are earth bond by our limited thinking then all the extra power takes us to the end much faster.

The power of the creator is not limited to this planet; our power is boundless. So if we are thinking about racing a Ferrari in a shopping mall parking lot, it can have only dire consequences. Maturity and responsibility are essential ingredients in using power. Of the six billion people on earth, there are very few who will even realize a minuscule experience of their own power.

Because we think as a physical being and ignore the greater part of who we are, we ignore spirit or at best we pass this awareness and its consequences off to religion. Because humanity is inherently aware of this aspect of self and its awesome ramifications, he limits himself spiritually, out of fear. It may be likened to having a nuclear bomb in your basement that is large enough to destroy the entire world – what do you do with it? The responsibility for having this devise would be overwhelming for most of us. So instead of creating new worlds, we settle for just trying to survive in this one and we are terrified of our own power and what we are capable of.

Humanity is long overdue for change. It absolutely blows me away to know that only a 100 years ago, we were using horse drawn carts, kerosene lanterns, and telegraph. Considering that there is evidence to show that man has been on this planet for more than a million years; why are we so slow? There is also evidence to show that technology destroyed him at least three times. How much technology does he need to evolve on this very small planet? The fact is that man has demonstrated over the millennia that he needs very little technology to survive and proliferate. It is because most of the technology that we develop worldwide is for the military. Is this the mark of a highly developed species? The potential for human growth is overwhelming when one stops to think about it. All of us have many different powers yet undeveloped that can be used for the benefit of man rather than its destruction. But we are not developing them. In fact there are many who deny they even exist in spite of the evidence to the contrary.

What we don’t understand, we fear or deny and what we deny can never be. We must accept the probability of any event before we can begin to develop or create it. Mankind has clearly shown that he has the ability to reach beyond his present conditions and create what he dreams of. But he still creates within the limitations of his very small world and within a philosophy of separation from his enormous personal power and what he truly is.

The laws by which he lives are based in primitive faiths and religions that are designed to limit him physically and spiritually. This limitation only benefits those who would keep him limited and dependent, and that is not the true nature of man. Although humanity tries to find order, he also finds way to escape from it, because that is also his nature.

It is now time for humanity to look to the individual to develop his/her own power. It is also time for man to see its differences as opportunities to evolve into something new and better. Assimilation only works for those who would assimilate and control. Diversification of thought and opinion and the ability to make them work will lead man out of the limited box he now finds himself in. Each new generation brings new opportunities to move from our comfort zones.

Although we may not feel comfortable with new ideas, there are those who do not feel comfortable with the old ones. It is within the blending of both that a new mix begins to evolve and it slowly moves us forward; and this appears to be how it works. But it is within the awareness of this process that we can start to move forward without the fear of losing or being lost. It is also within the experience of the process that we will find the greatest pleasure, security and satisfaction.

This whole process will create better results when we live within the knowledge of the potential of our personal power to create what we desire and change what we do not. We will have access to greater power when we first acknowledge that we do not need anyone’s permission to use it and we do not need to fear it. We are responsible for only one life and we are stewards of the rest because it works in our best interest to be. It is our personal responsibility to offer our own unique perspective to others and to protect theirs because a single idea is limited and dies easily.


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