Safeguarding – How To Stay Compliant With The Latest Child Protection and Adult Legislative Changes

If you are an organisation based in the United Kingdom, chances are good that the latest changes to safeguarding legislation may have a direct impact on your recruitment plans moving forward.

Navigating the evolving safeguarding landscape can prove challenging for companies whose core competency lies elsewhere, hence this article – a quick guide for company directors and HR managers to check whether they are compliant with the latest safeguarding legislation?

This article covers the entire spectrum of companies from those employing a handful of employees or 성인용품  volunteers, to large corporations employing tens of thousands of personnel. In addition to the impact on recruitment and serving to highlight which job roles require Criminal Records Bureau checks under the new legislation, I will cover the requirements for staff training in both child protection and safeguarding vulnerable adults. Finally I touch on best practice safeguarding recommendations.

So What does Your Organisation Need to Consider?

If your organisation works with any setting that involves children, young people or vulnerable adults, their parents, carers or families, you will need to comply with a variety of government guidance, legislation and best practice recommendations. It is worth highlighting that received perception of what constitutes a vulnerable adult may need refining. For example, any adult undergoing medical treatment becomes a vulnerable adult. In the dental sector this effectively means that anyone sitting in the dentist’s chair becomes a ‘vulnerable adult’.


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