Every Payroll Service Needs The Xerox 8560 Printer 

Every Payroll Service Needs The Xerox 8560 Printer  

For a payroll company to be effective, a printer is needed that can go for hours without running out of toner ever two or three hours. There are more than just checks that need to be printed, which is why a printer is so very important. One solution for payroll companies is the Xerox 8560 Printer that can handle many projects and has the Xerox 8560    Payroll Services in the UK    toner that lasts a long time. Any company that has a lot of printing to do would benefit from this duo.

A company such as a payroll company has a great deal of printing to do and will need a quality printer to handle the job. In fact, there may be a need of multiple printers so each person who is working in the office can have their own printer to work off of or two can share a printer between them. The bulk of the printing is usually done at that same time, so this can be quite expensive if the wrong printer is used.

When it comes to working hard, the Xerox 8560 Printer is one of the best in the market and can be customized for any task that is needed. With the new phaser technology, cartridges are obsolete when loading the Xerox 8560 toner and there is no lack in the output. This is savings for those businesses that are conscious about the ecology as well as their budgets.

This printer not only offers prints at a fraction of the cost of other printers, it can also be customized to add in extra paper storage space without becoming too bulky. There can be a section for each type of printing that the company needs to do on a regular basis without the employees having to stand up to change out the paper type. The printer dialog box simply offers these extra trays as an option when sending documents to print.

With these extra storage areas, more than five thousand separate pieces of paper can be stored and accessed through the printer that equates to less time spend loading the machine. There are a wide variety of paper sizes that can also be chosen from that range from small portraits to large legal size sheets. It can also print thicker bond and card stock making it a truly versatile and functional printer that would benefit any office.

Another benefit to using this printer is that it can be run on a network just as easily as a stand alone printer for one computer. It is super speedy and prints thirty pages in just sixty seconds and prints twelve color sheets in sixty seconds. This offers the company more production in less time than other standard printers.


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