Pinngle works everywhere!

Make free calls, video calls, file and photo sharing with anyone, anywhere with Pinngle users. Pinngle works with even very poor internet, try it out!

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Pinngle Company has developed an algorithm that allows going online anywhere in the world, including the countries where Internet traffic exchange is limited. You can actively work, study, relax anywhere in the world.



Call any Pinngle user for free and enjoy good reception quality even in 2G. Use Pinngle Out to call non-Pinngle users, the price and quality will leave you very satisfied.


Free text exchange with Pinngle users can save SMS money, and chat smiles and stickers will add color and personal touch to your conversation.



You can use Pinngle on the go – share documents, create tasks, learn something new, work in a team even if you live in different parts of the world. Pinngle will easily send files in any format. Also, do you remember? We don’t limit the size of files you send.