They're dead.

I want you out of here by tomorrow.

He's a crackpot.

That dictator gags the opposition parties.

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You should try not to scratch your mosquito bites.

That's not what we do.

It's difficult to visualize four dimensions.

Music at times is more like perfume than mathematics.

John and I have patched up our troubles.

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I was feeling confident.

I don't care if people think I'm weird.

Why are you so happy?

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My grandmother said "After rain follws sunshine." She was always optimistic.

Don't you think you've had enough to drink?

They had to call the firefighters to put out the flames.

Upon my honour, I never met with so many pleasant girls in my life as I have this evening; and there are several of them you see uncommonly pretty.

Bring me a bucket of water.

I was disappointed that she was not at home.

It has to be ready by the fifteenth.

Sometimes the most important clues are the ones that seem the most insignificant.

Some people still do it, even if we tell them not to.


I can't believe Rahul did that in public.

Juergen is a jealous man.

I know Jef is nearby.

I was absorbed in a book and didn't hear you call.

Tomorrow I will pick grapes.


He never told anyone.

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Go back to your families.

They elected him mayor by a large majority.

I'm trying to help.

Good, good, you're a sweet child so you're going to bed now.

I think that it's going to rain soon.


The US judicial system and press are incredible: One day you're a poor examplary housewife, victim of a rape, the next, you're an illegal immigrant, having committed perjury and being suspected of whitewashing drug money.

We don't know what's happening.

Can you help me find my daughter?

The driver turned the wheel to the right.

He is slightly addicted to alcohol.

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He is inferior to you in all respects.


He shuddered at the terrible scene.

What does Jeffrey really want?

Root does seem innocent.


Jisheng thought it was hilarious.

You obviously can't handle this.

She was worried that she might be late for the train.

Many people are on vacation.

Everyone thought that Kurt was from Boston.

He got 90 marks out of 100 in English.

Words cannot convey my feelings.

I can't make Nora love me.

I don't seem to be having much luck today.

I was just doing the dishes.

Time for bed.

Charles has a grandson.

I have no quarrel with anyone here.

I have to get that.

You can't leave her behind.

Don't read aloud, read to yourself.

We need to talk about that as soon as possible.

I thought you loved chocolate.

The jacket, which I wanted, costed three hundred dollars.

Swamy doesn't know who to turn to.

That's the sweetest thing I think I've ever eaten.

New York is the city you visit the most.

I'm feeling bad.


Does that seem like something you can do?


I used to play in a band with Vincent.

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Well, it turns out you were right about Kyu.


We're happy that Lanny arrived home safely.

He's got the biggest eyebrows I've ever seen.

I log in to Tatoeba once a week.

I saw her today.

They struggled.


I studied that matter, but I cannot help.

At new moon, the Moon is lined up between the Earth and the Sun. We see the side of the Moon that is not being lit by the Sun. In other words, we see no Moon at all, because the brightness of the Sun outshines the dim Moon!

Sociolinguistics recognizes that a person may speak his mother tongue using various registers depending on the social situation.

We want to know what this project is going to cost us.

I do not know for certain when he will come.

Stay away from my daughter!

Lorraine has already apologized for that.

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The fog began to lift.


I'm glad you said that.

Where did you ever find her?

His health has been getting worse since the accident.


I'm afraid to cross the street in Beijing since drivers don't respect pedestrians there.

Don't tell him that, please!

The majority of those men worked in the mine.

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I don't expect to be gone long.

Jaime told me Eli baked a cake for him.

I asked the doctor some questions.

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His proposal is out of the question.

I'm in the eleventh grade.

My parents don't like my girlfriend.

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You must not enter the room.

Vern doesn't know why it happened.

You had this planned, didn't you?


Even pigs can climb a tree when flattered.

What's the use of worrying?

Daylight Savings Time starts on April third.

We will visit you.

Vick has decided to quit his job.

Get out of my seat.

The doctor ordered me to stay in bed.

Brad sacrificed her own life in order to save Becky.

I wonder who to invite.

This is something you need to do alone.

It will not be long before the boy learns what life is.

Bryce is allergic to dairy products.

Stefan is planning a birthday party for Darren.

Can't you understand the pain of your parents?

Juri is on the phone talking to Andrew.

Can I speak with the director?

Bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.


Eddie stole money from Herman's purse.

We'll find another way.

When do you think he'll be back?

Anyone who has never strung a spinet, clavichord, or harpsichord cannot imagine what kinds of problems can arise, from the choice of strings, to the actual stretching of the strings until they are tuned.

I have to get you home.

The sound of children playing was borne on the wind.

I wanted to swim every day.

Triangles don't have four angles.

Are you a tubist?

It's that time again.

I thought Graeme was going to be here.

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I don't have any evidence.

No one pays attention to us.

I don't have long.

Who's going to do it?

I don't think I can help you on Monday.

Luck plays an important part in life.

Can we talk after class?

What happened when you got home last night?

You shouldn't act selfishly.

It is wrong to tell lies.

I know that Rayan is pretty.

In order to keep our feet warm we had to shift from one foot to another and keep moving.

I haven't seen Syun for years.

Have you seen them today?

I caught five fish at the lake.


Scot didn't study at all.

Do you know how fast you were going?

We're very fast.

Milton hasn't slept well for a week.

But why is it all so secret?


Our city police have a new campaign targeting drunken driving.

He says his son can count up to 100 now.

We really needed that.

Let me do it my way.

I'm not sure of it either.


I don't want Piete to know that right now.


I let her in the house.

Reinhard finished his beer.

I'm just messing with you.

He was fairly caught in the trap.

We divided the bread into two pieces.

Nicolette found himself in a tight spot.

It had nothing to do with me.

You will let it go this time.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands.


I wonder if he has another.


I am thankful for anger and disappointment.


Which one do you like more?


If you had not followed the doctor's advice then, you might be ill now.


Tonight was also a windless night.

She's interested in ancient Mayan prophecies.

Let's talk in my office.


Drew is all talk.