We will be done in at most an hour.

Vick stared at Toby blankly.

Patrick is by far the best singer performing at this club.

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Taxis are few and far between during a rainstorm.


She looks exactly the same as she was at school.

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Mina is presented as a possible victim.

Sherman was my commanding officer.

It was my destiny.

What's your favorite Mark Twain quote?

I want you to be my wife.

Would it be better if numbers were completely arbitrary and had no emotional associations?

Some things should be left as is.

Seeing that she is tired, we had better stop for a while.

The history of China is older than that of Japan.

Karen's skirt is riding up.

I can deal with him.

Timo accepted our offer.

I'm all set to start.


Her mother knew that her eldest daughter had signed up for a drama seminar, but she had no idea that she was so deeply involved as to appear on stage.


His victory made him a hero.

They heard coughing.

He met his end in a rusty bear trap.


"Would you like a drink?" "I've already got one."


I'll be playing tennis with Starbuck this afternoon, but it's not something I'm really looking forward to.

Put the following sentences into Japanese.

The Spanish language has opened many doors for him.

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I'll see you around, Keith.


Take a deep breath and hold it for as long as you can.

I expect that I will see him on Monday.

Every apple is red.

If every user adds twenty sentences per day on Tatoeba, maybe it would be possible to reach one million sentences by Christmas.

Spy wasn't sure when he was supposed to be there.

I hate the food in the canteen.

I don't know whether you are ready to see what I want to show you.

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I love Dan's movies.


She had the kindness to show me the way to the hospital.


I had to act quickly.

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Jennifer has only been here three months.

I got gloomy and thought of giving up.

I was dealt a good hand.


How big is your school?

It sounds like Rajesh is in trouble again.

How many years have you been working here?

Madagascar is the largest island of Africa.

He sucks up to his boss

The colony failed.

I want to read as many English books as possible this year.

You're not just my wife. You're my best friend.

Let's ask her when she gets back home.

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There was once upon a time a king who had twelve daughters.

I see her frequently.

Emily will surprise me.


Man is a social being.

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We crossed the river by boat.

He studied Banking in London.

I wrote a poem in memory of my dad.

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In my country, people can't stand others who are more intelligent than they are.


I don't want Panzer to take over.

I am ashamed of my conduct.

A room with a skylight would be fine.


Irfan tripled his investment in six months.

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I wonder if you understand.


He passed away, but his memories will be with us forever.

I have it here somewhere.

The owl kills her young, and afterwards she cries about it.


She was on the point of leaving.

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Were it not for laziness, he might have been rich.

Rabbits breed quickly.

Joseph said a lot of things.

I can't reach the top shelf.

Even though I decided to hang the laundry outside because the sun was shining, just as I was hanging them, it started to rain.

There are almost seven billion people in the world.

He still hasn't responded.

Stanislaw says he's going to resign.

What is delayed may come later.

Thank you all for the good wishes!

Do you use current technology?

I don't remember Stefan being so tall.

The Prime Minister was obliged to resign from the Cabinet.

He wants to get his pilot's license.

I want to show you something I've been working on.

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No one would talk about it.


There is no use in asking him for assistance.

I have some good opinion of my son's ability.

You can stay the night here; there is no problem.

I grasped the rope so as not to fall.

There's a lot of traffic on the roads around this time of the day.

Ask my friends.

Elizabeth II is the Queen of England.

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Ned went grocery shopping on an empty stomach and bought much more than he had intended.


Hotta was in the garden when it happened.

Seth slept nearly the whole way.

Portugal has decriminalized the possession of drugs for personal use.


I did it and I would do it again.

Would you have liked the dress if it had been a darker color?

Have you caught the first toy train?

I know it now for sure.

It's written in black and white. How can you be in doubt?

Tell them to pick up the phone.

Calm down, Dylan. Take it easy.

I don't want to do his work for him.

Erwin now lives in Australia.

Donal doesn't want to go to jail.

They're going to get themselves killed.

Carol was sitting on the bed.

Does anybody have any laundry they want me to do?


He's my rival.

Sri was guilty.

Don't regard me as your father anymore.

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It could've been worse.


Summer seems to have come at last.

Apples were on sale today.

We're eating dinner at our friends' place.

We've come this far, so we can't stop now. I don't want to backslide.

Has the doctor examined you yet?

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He has transmitted all his knowledge to his son.

They worked hard day and night.

I'm calling from Boston.

Rhonda tied the canoe to the top of his car.

Why don't you consult a lawyer?


We're going to have to change.

Do you really think Ernst will want to go with us?

Islamic culture has given us majestic arches and soaring spires; timeless poetry and cherished music; elegant calligraphy and places of peaceful contemplation.


The problem is that we're not sure how much money Len will need.

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A traffic accident deprived him of the use of his left hand.

There are no means of getting there.

OK, that's enough for today.

Beautiful poppies were growing beside the road.

The next night I came and I had the same new waitress.


I think I've been living alone too long.

My manliness came into question when I started to like the colour pink.

The left brain predominates the architecture and lifestyle in North America.


Give them some money.

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Hienz remained on the train.

Are they talking about him?

You trust us, don't you?

"Why do you say that she's liar?" "Because she is."

From bad stems worse.

I would like to have some pancakes now.

Math scares me.

The perihelion is the point where an object in orbit around the Sun is nearest to the Sun.

I had a nice chat with her.


I now know the answers.

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I'll be grateful to you if you can do that for me.

Is this your girlfriend?

She put new soil in the flower pot.

Takayuki and Gary took a walk through the garden.

There's no point in waiting.

Marnix wants to live in Boston after he graduates from high school.

She benefited from the sound investment.

Hillary told Alfred all about his childhood.

This reminds me of you.

Not only does he speak English, but also German.

I don't think that's enough.

What use does economics have?

Tell me about what's going to happen tomorrow.

I bought the wrong size.

Jane could not believe it when her date polished off an entire chocolate cake.