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Professional Training

We know it might not be easy for Instajob Asia to adapt to new work environments, so we offer two professional trainings and support throughout the whole year.

Financial Support

We offer support for accommodation, round-trip airfare and also excellent salary. You will not find a better package than what we offer in Taiwan.


All participating countries will benefit from this collaborative relationship, which will enhance international awareness and understanding

Teacher Of Taiwan

了解如何讓自己出現在這邊 推廣曝光

Online: 2 hours before
I'm just testing this site

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Online: 1 week before
外師測試 MARK

215-996-7287 favorite_border

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Teacher Of China

了解如何讓自己出現在這邊 推廣曝光

Online: 1 hour before
I am looking for teaching job in China.

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Online: 1 week before
I am speicialized in Marketing, Media & Communication. I can relocate to China as soon as job secured.

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New Jobs For Taiwan
Date Title School Location View
2018-10-25 614-706-1728 Alice school 610-646-4215 hamus
2021-10-12 (305) 352-3107 台灣工作機會 MARK 6165814105 favorite_border
Date 2018-10-25
Title 7734853347
School Alice school
Location 704-664-0507
View favorite_border
Date 2021-10-12
Title 台灣工作機會測試MARK
School 台灣工作機會 MARK
Location Taiwan
View 9097217396
New Jobs For China
Date Title School Location View
2019-10-01 MARK大陸工作測試 MARK 大陸公司測試 China favorite_border
Date 2019-10-01
Title MARK大陸工作測試
School MARK 大陸公司測試
Location China
View 513-570-2434
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