Hi, I'm Chris Paynter.

I'm a design orientated software developer and solution architect, working with web and native applications, across all layers of the software and infrastructure stack.

  • I use design thinking tactics to discover and bring clarity to the problems everday people face.
  • I conceptualise, design and prototype technology solutions for clearly articulated problems.
  • I turn verified solutions into commercial products using frontend, backend and/or native code.
  • I deploy these products onto scalable and reliable infrastructure so that the problems they solve, stay solved, for everyone.
  • During this whole process, I make sure the value of what we are working on together is communicated across business and consumer layers…
  • …because discussion, ideation and debate is the only way we can ensure that we are investing our time and money into building something that is indeed desirable, feasible and viable.
  • And of course, working in diverse and inclusive team cultures is the key to making sure we're solving the right problems.
  • I also strive to ensure the mundane and repetitive parts of our work are automated, and the creative and fun parts are humanised
  • …so that we get to spend most of our time together making career defining products and learning new stuff.