Stanley plans to go skiing with Ralph.

He died before the ambulance arrived.

That's one explanation.

Up to what volume of Naruto comics do you own?

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I blame myself.

Of course I'm biased, but Lojban really is quite good.

The president put off visiting Japan.

We have lunch about noon.

The crowd whistled and applauded at President Obama's speech.

"Yes," she said, "you are right".

Mr Yamada, you are wanted on the phone.


I know what I felt.

The pursued remnant of soldiers decided it was high time for a show-down one way or another.

Pilot made Jiri go.


They'll know.


Return to your seat.

That's not funny at all anymore.

Piercarlo is past thirty.

I was looking for my diary.

It seems as if everything he touches turns to gold.

I live in the center of the country.

She was probably innocent.

The color has come out well.

We just landed.

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How did you know it was Kitty?

Do you think that those superheroes are endowed with talents we don't possess?

What color is this?

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I have nothing against her.

Angus likes what we've done.

Where are the weapons?

Eddy came to see me the other day.

It is rare in this sense.

There is chance that he will be corrected because reason is the guiding principle of his life

Even if I knew where Irvin was, I wouldn't tell you.

He isn't answering his phone.

As a teenager, Jean-Christophe was the number-one ranked player in his state.

A glass of cold water is very refreshing in hot weather.

I wonder what it is like to travel through space.

Suyog said he doesn't think that's going to happen.

"Lately, I've become close friends with Turkeer." "Oh, that's good!"

They simply need to find a scapegoat.

The house fell down a week later.

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Can we stop at my place?


I never expected your help.

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Enjoy your weekend.

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He's written a lot of good material that has never seen the light of day.


These days when I hear about these horrible incidents on the news I get the feeling that more and more young people are losing their ability to distinguish between real and virtual worlds.

Our land gave a high yield this year.

I don't have much ready money.

Dan and Linda took walks together.

I saw her get in a car.

He gave up his dream of becoming a pilot.

Don't let Leung tell you what to do.

The most beautiful sounds in nature are: a child's laughter, birdsong, and somebody else washing the dishes.

If you don't start treating people with a little more respect, people may start avoiding you like the plague.



You'll wish you had studied harder.

Have you been a good boy?

Caleb was greatly affected by the death of his son.

Who do you like the most?

A lot of people think that bats are birds.

He accommodated the traveler for the night.


We waited but he failed to arrive.

We used to spend hours over there.

Can't you do that at all?

Listen to me, all of you.

I'll be there all day.


Women ought to be as glad to be women as men are to be men.


Is it true that you called Taninna in the middle of the night?

Love will come in time.

It's a matter of great concern that two people on the plane that crashed were travelling on stolen passports.

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How long are you staying in Japan?

I'm always writing weird and hoopy stuff so I'm sure it's difficult to comment on.

There's one for you and one for me.

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There's never enough time to do everything you want to do.

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Would that have been hard?


What a loser!


Somebody's listening.

I keep all my telephone receipts in this box.

Is it comprehensive?

How can you be sure Raja's telling the truth?

Don't you remember my name?

News of her pregnancy took her by surprise.

Do you have temperature and your throat hurts?

These are Takeuchi's friends.

He is not an American but an Englishman.

The two sides struggled for hours in the hot summer sun.

I can't figure out what he means.


We spent more money than was expected.

It's amazing that so many people cross this street when the light is red.

I get anything I want.

Brandon seemed to be surprised when I told him.

Could we meet privately?

What did you watch on television last night?

How do you say kindergarten in German?

We ate tilapia and rice.

We are expecting an addition to our family.

Are they your friends?

I could not help laughing at the sight.

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My pulse is fast.

I am disconsolate!

Stefan couldn't get past the guard.

Who did Daren bite?

Micheal almost died from a heroin overdose.

"My parents are out of town. There's going to be a big party at my house. Do you want to come?" "I'm sorry, but I have to study."

Have you known Sharon long?


He gives me chills.

You should plan to leave between 6:00 and 7:00.

I get nauseous whenever I fly.

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?

He is going to be in charge.

He's such a boob.

What new facts did you manage to ferret out?


Brooke is getting old.

Do you have a backup plan?

I didn't come with him.

We really need Wendi back.

She's teaching children from disadvantaged families how to read.

I wish I had eaten breakfast.

Jesper cancelled at the last moment.


Her very long, black eyelashes set off the aristocratic pallor of her cheeks.


Niels and his wife are from Boston.

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You two are ridiculous.


I think Tran's anger is just a defense mechanism; I wouldn't take it personally if I were you.

The mainstream media is the most prevalent practitioner of scaremongering.

He has the most disrespectful attitude towards women I've ever seen.


You can't let Owen get away with that.

That aircraft company deals in freight only.

I must go to the station at three o'clock.

We bought Patrice a birthday present.

It sure is cold today.

I'm very pleased with your work.

I'm glad you appreciated that.

Money ruins many.

He is working hard so that he may pass the examination.

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Brandi has not slept for two days.

It being fine, we started climbing Mt Fuji.

Be gone!

Delbert doesn't have to tell me. I already know.

Merat's apartment is spacious.

Elric may not want to go camping with us next weekend.

They asked me to make a speech in French.

It was so peaceful in the grove of trees.

Alfred dumped Daniel.

Kees was caught in the crossfire.

I heard that Revised is a terrific kisser.

"What do you want?" "One year's salary with benefits."

Gunter has been everywhere.

Pluto is a dwarf planet.

What's next?


Did you speak to anybody?


He worked hard.

He is what we call the man of the hour.

One beer, please!

The court decreed that she should pay the fine.

You need to accept your role.

I didn't say much.

I gave Julie a ride.

We don't even know where Byron grew up.

Who answered the phone?

No one was listening to me.

I think I'm starting to get the hang of it.

There's something I'd like to show you.

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover.


Native Americans fought with bow and arrow.

Do you swim often?

Emily got her ears pierced.