You need not answer the letter.

He should thank me.

Maarten watched Gerard for a moment.

Is this fake?

How many oceans are there in the world?

The problem is we don't have enough money.


My baby is also eight months old, is healthy and is growing by leaps and bounds.


That store had just about everything we needed to buy.

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I'm eighty-three years old.


Seenu's house is completely destroyed.


She has red hair, so they gave her the nickname "Carrot-Top".

I don't feed my dog in the morning.

There were 3 in the bed!

I see, you were joking.

I have a new friend and she's from Bulgaria.

I'm sure glad I found you.

I want us to be friends again.

Are you almost finished with that?

Could we have waited?

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The government made no move to solve the housing problem.

I found out a very interesting site I'd like to recommend.

Ralf was looking forward to watching the football match he had recorded at home, and he was angry when he overheard someone mention the final score.

I counted to three and then plunged into the water.

President Obama won a second term.

I always wanted to go to Boston.

This is discrimination!


As Victor Hugo said, "there is nothing in the world more powerful than an idea whose time has arrived."

You drive.

Raj had nothing to do yesterday.

I'm looking at a pretty picture.

Father bought me some books.

I like green peppers very much.

Many people uphold the stance that 95% of the DNA is junk.

In cookies, he only eats the filling.

They are the poorest of the poor.

In all likelihood, they'll be away for a week.

He has a sociable disposition.

They won't make it.

You don't mean that, I'm sure.

Terrence robbed me of every penny I had.

How can you be sure that's true?

Japan is the only nation to have been hit by nuclear bombs.

Anton was a little disappointed.

In this family, jokes are not laughed at but rejoined with other jokes.

This place is packed.


I want to be there the day that happens.

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I want you to meet a friend of mine.


There is an urgent need for understanding how climate change will affect our lives.

Many Americans welcomed the plan.

Tell me how to find them.


When I got out of bed, the sun was already high in the sky.

I'm afraid of death very much. But thus I don't prevent it, but rather give myself some problems.

Do you have any idea what my life is like?

This looks like fun.

Beth was looking forward to meeting him, but he never showed up.

I often stay up all night.

We're all disappointed.


Did you recognize him?

First, Joe read several passages from the Bible.

This is not witchcraft.

This beer isn't cold.

Eventually, someone is going to have to tell Spike that he needs to behave himself.

If he had something to say, the words were left unspoken.

Add up this column of figures.


Don't worry, be happy.


Prices range from the low $30 to the high $50.

Nope, I'm not buying it.

We're going to have fun, too.

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Why have the apes evolved more than other animals?

It's possible that I might run into Lila.

He did all he could to protect his son.

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Do you know how to contact Steven?

The black cat runs fast.

Vice might think that we aren't coming.

I'm joking, of course.

"If there's some water there, it means a jew..." "Hey, professor, stop it! The poop will be deleted, professor!" "Styopa, what are you saying, I just want to..." - "Aaah! ... Wait, why?!"

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Molly was in Boston last month.


This month really flew by without me doing anything at all.

He works hard and he is honest.

Alexis drove Swamy home in his sports car.

There were some children playing tag on the playground.

You lost your chance.

It's the land of my ancestors that you're treading on with your feet!

At this hour, there is incredible traffic.


We can't do this without you.


I ate in the canteen.

I get the feeling you still have an axe to grind. If you've got something to say come on out and say it.

I don't have enough time.


He said he was sure to succeed; he failed, however.

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If you don't talk louder, he won't be able to hear you.

He is but a fair weather friend.

Did you arrive home safely?

Use scissors to cut out the pictures.

Once I had the chance to visit Paris.


To hell with your problems.

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She's charming and intelligent.

Where did you buy this nail polish?

I met them in Boston.

Elaine was worried about that.

You've got to tell Brendan what happened.

I know who got injured.

Whose bed is that?

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I was about to reply, when an almost general exclamation made us turn our eyes to the panel.

Good morning, sleepy head.

Hitoshi got down from the scaffold.


This reminds me of them.

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These are the people who live next door.

This apology is not enough.

Something bad has happened to Erik.

Don sat at the bar drinking.

She can understand everything they're saying.

I want to try something different.

Now that I think about it, I must look threatening.

Sriram unzipped his pants.

Have you finished your lunch yet?

I didn't even have a chance to talk to Vernon.

She is a graceful beauty.

In this tale, the god of rain, storms, and lightning is called Chac Mool.

We want your advice.

I got to work late because I had to drop my daughter off at the day-care center.

We don't sell generics in this pharmacy.

We are working hard.

Why are you convinced Ima is guilty?

Iceland has many volcanoes.

I've given this a lot of thought.

Is there place for this box inside the van?

He yelled for help.

Would you like to come inside?

We should probably wrap up.

Wolfgang finished washing the dishes.

Kristen didn't want to go either.

I'll help him.

Wendell became good friends with the elevator operator in their hotel.


Put aside all those which are useless.

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The closing of school was due to the snow.

I'm very sorry for the mistake.

Wind accompanied the rain.

That's the feeling I have.

A Mr Kimura is calling you.

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Roberto is a shrewd businessman.

I want to know what's funny.

Vicki is doing pushups.

As he gets older, your son will grow more independent.

Let the revolt begin.

Do you want to rest for a bit?

Would one of you please tell me why I can't join your club?

That politician comes from Arizona.

Ravindranath said goodbye to Donnie at the door.

She's such a snob.

I could hardly get a wink of sleep last night.

Part doesn't know.

Those rules foster discontent among students.


I'd be happy to take care of your baby.

Can I touch your beard?

This is a basketball ball.


Everything Raul did bothered me.

This feels like silk.

I waited for her till it got dark.

Audrey's filthy.

Valeria has a dog.

Julius has been missing three weeks.

We ask you to account for your delay.

I wasn't allowed to see him.

The road is under repair.


My mother made me a Christmas cake.

She was cool toward me today.

It's time for us to change the system.