Ceph Commands

OSDs Prepare & Create Purge disk label (zeroes out the GPT and/or MBR to make it appear as a virgin disk). Use this when reusing disks or re-creating failed OSDs. ceph-volume lvm zap /dev/sdX Create OSD from disk sudo ceph-deploy osd create --data /dev/sdXY $OSD_HOST Removal… (917) 613-4405

tsukimi schema

db.files _id - Unique file ID. For container formats that contain stream IDs (such as Matroska, which uses a 128-bit SegmentUID), the ID is generated from unique_id XOR (file_size_in_bytes * frame_count * duration_in_seconds), truncated to a 128-bit long, and rendered as 32 hex characters… »


IPv6 config Add gateway IP address (::1/128) to primary bridge interface (xenbr0) in /etc/network/interfaces on Dom0. We'll give it the label xenbr0:xrtr. iface xenbr0 inet6 static address 2a01:4f8:b0:XXXX::2 netmask 64 gateway fe80::1 bridge_ports eth0 bridge_stp off bridge_waitport 0… (610) 448-0847

rainwatch schemas

tinfo schema mapping The table below shows the correlation between rainwatch's torrent info schema, and the data models of Deluge and rTorrent. *{var1,var2} notation indicates that the parameter is extrapolated from the values contained within the curly braces. @key indicates that the dict key from the matching result set… 5197494498

xlctl spec document

CLI interface Import from XL config file xlctl import CFG_FILE [--ip NEW_IP] [--lvm NEW_LVM] [--vif NEW_VIF] Update/Set parameter xlctl set XLHOST [params] [--save] Mongo Schema db.xlctl.hosts _id - Unique ID, string, format: xr##_YYYYMMDD_SSSSS (seconds portion is number of seconds after midnight… »