Sid drove the car.

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They serve a continental breakfast in this hotel.

Irving wanted us to investigate the murder of his wife.

Why not come along with us?

Trent said he had a plan.

I'm not sure where I am.

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The oil made the floor slippery and caused his sudden fall.


He was paroled after having served eleven years of his sentence.

I think I'll go and get him.

I've decided I'm going to stay.


There is a shared knowledge.


This is a movie for men.


Markus is young and attractive.

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It's not too much.


Rodney moved out of his parents' place.

We haven't actually tried it yet.

It is the same word in both languages.

If every user adds twenty sentences per day on Tatoeba, maybe it would be possible to reach one million sentences by Christmas.

Olson looks down on women.

They have wine.

I must adjust my watch. It's slow.


Does Tony run every day?

If one could only teach the English how to talk, and the Irish how to listen, society here would be quite civilized.

We hate our wicked and corrupt leaders!


Where could Rathnakumar be?


Someone unlocked the door.


You look good in black.


He was my boss.


I thought I warned you about that.

She picked the most expensive dress.

She took on more than she could handle.

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I want to speak with my attorney, now.


I have some idea of what happened.

Coffee does harm to your stomach.

Linda ran off with Dan.

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Something like that had never, ever happened to me.

Barbecuing is one way to cook meat.

Miriamne broke up with Marc today.

Mann isn't drowning.

Put your hands flat on the table.

Sally writes much better now than he used to.

Reading between the lines, it's clear that Marie isn't having such a good time in his new job.

Tolerant did nothing but complain about his job.

Blood ran from the wound.


Maurice did his homework in the kitchen.

What does Donald know about this?

I didn't realize you didn't have a driver's license.

We skirted green hills, which sparkled in the first rays of sunshine.

I'm really glad I ran into you.

How is this called?

Should I talk to him?


I am a German architect.

I feel very sorry for your sister.

He likes to dress up as a police officer.

Jerry is afraid of men.

Uri loves being outdoors.

I just fixed the car yesterday!

It was not until I read the book that I knew about it.

He doesn't have any knowledge about American democracy.

That baby does nothing but cry.


My son came to my room.

I don't care who we give it to.

Do you work there, too?


If it were not for electricity, our civilized life would be impossible.

Isn't that nice?

Perhaps I shouldn't have told Raphael anything.

I've locked myself out of the room.

I am fond of the cinema.

You've had your fun.

Polly learned how to swim when he was three.

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Unfortunately, the hotel that you suggested was completely booked up.

I didn't know how fast Mats was.

I hate this carpet.


He has writing talent.

We have to draw a line somewhere.

I have a story to tell.

I study math harder than I study English.

It's about three inches wide.

I dreamed of coming to class naked.

Oh, come on. It won't be so bad. We'll have fun.


You'll feel better if you drink this medicine.

Let's find out what time we're supposed to be there.

Where did you meet my father?

Richard took off his socks and shoes and walked into the sea.

What are you after?


Since the road is wet this morning, it must have rained last night.

I'm nervous when speaking in another language.

Can you be ready to leave tomorrow?

I can't take your money.

That rock band gives me a headache.

The boy who had been missing was identified by his clothes.

Is the seat high?

Don't take pictures of me when I'm eating.

I'm supposed to wait for Hon.

Their son's name is John.

What brought you two together?


"Do you love him?" "What?" "Do you love him?" "That's none of your business!"

I don't want to leave Boston.

I regret saying that you were wrong.

It was ordered that the classroom be put in order.

Harry is a goner.

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Tiefenthal may not make it to the meeting.

Srinivas knows he's not going to win.

She was sobbing.

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Sergiu got a part-time job to help pay for his tuition.

Will it be hot tomorrow?

Do you get my point?

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Nhan encouraged me to learn French.

Can you and I be friends again?

Don't tell me you're tired.

I can't leave until I know what has happened to my parents.

We have to stand up for minority rights.

Get 'em before they get you!

They're pretty harmless.

There's nothing to eat around here.

I'm cooler than her.


The truth is that I lied.

My house is located in a convenient place - next to the train station.

The reasons of our failure are the following.

What's become of them?

I should've not said anything.

Please listen carefully.

He ran out of the room in anger.


I know things you don't.

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Mayo was ruined.

We are all naked underneath our clothes.

She came to my aid.

I didn't enjoy that.

I ask you not to fulfill for me any of my requests.


Hawaii enjoys good weather the year round.

I'm a bit short of money now.

Do you have identification?

We just thought we'd stop by and pay our respects to your missing family.

That's real funny.

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May I have a talk with you?

I was searching for something that didn't exist.

That was my understanding.

Sehyo's family owns this bakery.

He abandoned his hope of becoming a doctor.


I'm trying to meet the deadline.


I asked him the same thing.

I have a grammar book.

I bet Pria is angry.

Quiet down!

I could not say "I'm sorry."

Turkeer helped her mother decorate the Christmas tree.

He doesn't belong to us.

I think about him every day.

He looks unhappy.

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She can be trusted to some degree.


How do I get out of this mess?

If I hadn't wanted to be there, I wouldn't have gone.

The poor are often disempowered by the language practices of those in power.

I won't accept your money.

Don't you want to stop him?

Carole slept through the entire movie.

Please find the area of the triangle.

I don't like to swim in the pool.

Go to the garage.

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The hill lay covered with snow.