Three years have passed since he died.

We're too busy.

This road map is very useful.

How many unemployed are there in the world?

All during my trip I could not keep you out of my mind.

I cook, but without much pleasure.

Arnold helped his son get dressed.

I'm probably going to try again.

Janet drinks 100% pure orange juice every morning.

You made me smile.


My monthly wage is 300,000 yen.

Your lack of sleep will catch up with you someday.

That's no lie.

You can't tell them not to go.

Srikanth isn't as strong as he used to be.

I just wanted to be with him.

I was employee of the year for three years.


That's the part I liked best.


Neither of them was present at the meeting.

My son's rubber duck is yellow.

Can you help me learn Esperanto?


Kimmo laughed and Martha giggled.

Don't cross your arms.

Owen wants to feel important.


I can tell my umbrella from the others.

I had a puppy when I was a boy.

Won't you hear my thoughts?


Give me the password.

So, have you told them yet?

Sorrel looks a bit like Harry Potter.

I suggest you talk to him.

She is close on sixty.

Luckily Gerard didn't see Clay.

Elwood asked me for an opinion.

My girlfriend is a good dancer.

He cannot have said so.

Our hero claims a warrior's heart.

I can't hear anything because of the noise.

Where is Laurie from?

Antony was half expecting this.

Once upon a time, in a land not very different to yours lived a beautiful young woman named Belle.

The unalterable rhythm of mathematics is definition, theorem, proof.

I didn't rob any bank.

He turned over the business to his son.

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Matthias said that he was going to be late.

We've got to get it done.

Who told you I was Canadian?


We arrived here at six yesterday evening.

As the date didn't work for the section chief, it was necessary to completely reorganize the drinking party.

He pledged to marry me when he returned home.

Walt asked Elisabeth to marry him, but she turned down his proposal.

She said that by way of apology.

Today schoolboys are more naughty than earlier.

You said some nice things about me.

Do you prefer mornings or evenings shifts?

You live freely if you don't have a reputation to lose.

Lawrence seems to be very rich.

Petr helped her mother water the garden.

Everybody laughed at me.

You don't have to tell it to me if you don't want to.

I've always wanted to live in another country.

You may be asked to give a speech.

Our car happened to pass theirs by the station.

The chair is close to the door.


Fluency in English is a very marketable skill today.


Donn hasn't finished his training.

Sorry I'm late.

I took no count of what he said.

You're welcome to sleep here if you want.

Daryl doesn't always obey the rules.

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You're one narrow minded individual.


He landed himself a really plum job.

We shouldn't look down on other people.

Barrett doesn't want to go to Boston with us.

There's a run in your stocking.

She is apt to fits of depression.

First I'll go to the bank, and then I'll buy the tickets.

I think there's something we're all missing.

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I don't want pizza. I'm not hungry.


Becky is obsessed with fashion.

The brightness bothers me.

Glenn might know that I was in Boston for only three days, instead of three months.

How much distance could you accept in a long distance relationship?

The taste is delicious.

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Kirsten is wrong, isn't he?

His words gave rise to doubts.

I refused to be paid.

Don't blame this on her.

Would you like to get something to eat? It's on me.

The apartment was completely bare when we moved in.

This is good for us.


There's nothing I want from you.

In our next class, we will study the days of the week, the months, and the seasons.

I slept better than I did last night.

We went to the museum to study Japanese history.

Why did Cindy want to talk to Casey?


Wait in the car.

Nothing could induce him to change his mind.

Please forget I said that.

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Don't let me be misunderstood.

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Did you do your homework by yourself?

There's no room to expand.

You'll never believe it.


Do you still have a headache?

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I have one request.

I speak German.

You need to stay away from Bucky.

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I simply don't know what to say...


She told me an interesting story.


I don't doubt that he will help me.


Now I am thirsty.

Why would anybody come here?

Science can't explain this.


You should leave the answer blank if you don't know the solution.

It's the best house in town.

Scott, help me. The zipper's stuck.

I can't figure out why he didn't tell the truth.

You're used to doing that, aren't you?


He took his coat off and set to work.

In China, the family name comes first, followed by the given name.

I'd like to talk to her.

You'll get your money.

Barry seems naive.


On condition you are back by ten o'clock, you may go to the dance.

He was operated on yesterday.

I'll be here all day.


Let's not get discouraged.

We would play baseball after school in those days.

Everyone asks me what it's like to be colour-blind.

That's one possibility.

That's the same question I've been asking myself.

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He has a sky-blue pullover.

Now it's time for the weather forecast.

We've discussed many topics.

We need to be prepared.

Dannie was breathing heavily.


You're supposed to help them.

If you don't hurry, you'll be late for your appointment.

We should know the result by Thursday.

Angus is eating now.

There have been a lot of complaints about the lack of police protection.

The manufacturer of the television set is a Japanese company.

She showed me a picture of her mother as a schoolgirl.

Would you like some ham for breakfast?

Warren is flirting with Shannon.

And just think, you're on the other side of the world.

Sjaak is starting to lose it.

I'm the only one who knows where Holly hid the gold coins.

This joke is crude.

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In ancient times people believed that the earth was flat.


I can't go along with what you said.

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Fame is a magnifying glass.

Smoking is banned in the train.

Stewart hasn't been here all morning.

Connie is here because of me.

Somebody told me that I shouldn't trust you.

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Vincenzo died three hours after Sriram died.

What's Kris rambling on about?

We are more or less selfish.

Fill in your name and address.

There is nothing scarier than death.

She hopes to become a designer.

Dalton finished his drink and then ordered another one.

She's a nerd.

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