Why didn't you come with me?

I really don't want it.

I want to know how long it'll take.

Should we hire Sunil?

You're the one who warned me about this.

How much time do you plan to spend on this?

Let us suppose that the number of incidents is twice that of those officially recorded.

What time does the show start?


It's because of you that we were able to complete this job on time.

I told them you already knew.

Eduardo takes a shower every morning.


I wouldn't mind helping you.

Nothing can stop us.

He was aware of a sharp pain.

I studied Italian in Firenze, not in Peruja.

She liked it.

We all grew up believing that everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, some now believe that all opinions are equal.

Dawn did it himself.

I hadn't realized it was him.

Jean-Christophe is not as good as he thinks.

There's one left.

Botany is an applied science.

The train has already left.

I saw his daughter was crying.

Justin has no idea what's going on here.

That would be best.

Have you mastered English, or is it English that has mastered you?

I got hot.

If you're finished reading that book, I'd like to borrow it.

I already have my hands full.


I can't die here.


Where's my timecard?


I have revenge for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He was always faithful to his wife.

They'll find her.

From the stars, knowledge.

I don't want to bore you.

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You must get to know her.

"Where is my car?" "It's in the garage."

I am satisfied with my life in college to a certain extent.


Are you in Boston?

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The place is convenient for swimming.

Ecstasy is the upper system's drug.

Did you tell Pia why you're here?


I don't want you to kill Margot.

Are you cool with that?

He had so many bruises he looked like he had been rolled down a hill in a barrel.

I work too much in order to achieve my goals.

Let it all hang out.

Computers have invaded every field.

Gasoline is scarce around here.


He felt sad because he lost his father.

I came here today to talk to Nigel.

There is no solution.

Ricardo ran into the woods.

I'm all right now.


I don't know how to stop it.

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The pain will go away.

In comparison to mastectomy, lumpectomy removes a smaller percentage of breast tissue.

No more bets.

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I want you to tell me what to do.

You guys won't believe what happened.

The tiles that fell from the roof broke into very small pieces.

According to this report, Shadow was the one who caused the accident.

Wait here till I return.

Resentment is like drinking a poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Martin denied having beaten his girlfriend.

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He was small, but strong.

He is destitute of experiences.

Ann doesn't have any sisters.

Mountains look better viewed from a distance.

It is doubtful whether they will be able to swim.

I wonder what ever will become of them.

Denis will call you every day.

Is a skyscraper a big thing far away or a small thing close up?

It's hard for him to solve this problem.


There were people with injuries.


Sometimes you scare me.

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This could take hours.

I'd like to buy a small mirror.

They're leaving.

They helped me.

Farouk has a 13-year-old sister.

There's not much to say.

Jon won't give you what you want.

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You may not believe this, but I don't drink at all.

We should go get something to eat.

Don't give me that!

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All men are fallible.

Wearing a suit, he stood out.

I'm dying to check my score on the test.

Krzysztof didn't bring his keys.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.


Can we expect your cooperation?


I sure am cold.

Don't make things tougher, please.

The Cold War continued.


Kathryn and May agreed to trade places for a week.

He is Spanish.

I don't want to go back home. I want to party.

Jack doesn't know why I called you.

My new baby arrived!

I cannot moo like a cow. I'm a mare!

The car ran down the hill.

The illustration shows the deep interior.

The rapid increase of imports surprised us.

Would you like to come over to my house?

I've been praying for you.

I thought Monica was married.

The second man was a Spanish explorer.

School starts at 8:40.

Brenda is a responsible adult.

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I was breathing.

Watching movies is very interesting.

You can't pull the wool over my eyes.

He knows how to talk to customers.

We're glad to have Juan back.

She dropped me off at my apartment.

Dirk makes his own bed every morning.

The box Guy gave me contained potatoes.

We'd better check it out.


Grant pulled out his wallet and showed his license to the police officer.

Darrell was pulled over.

It was too early to call the police.

Lonhyn is really handsome, isn't he?

Carsten's mother kept his graduation picture on the mantel.

Esperanto is a useful language.

Dory kissed her on the cheek.

I want to know why you did that.

Donal has plenty of options.


I had difficulty in making myself understood in French.

Drought was credited with the poor crop.

Blake likes to dress up on special occasions.


Let's go as soon as Damone gets here.

I didn't know that I had to do that.

He looked at historically famous locations.

There is a fixed standard in the king's principles.

He waited until ten and left shortly afterwards.


We're not safe here.

You son of a bitch!

Maarten said he's no expert.

Should we go have ramen together again?

That doesn't cut the mustard.

Security in this building is state of the art.

Right and wrong are two faces of the same coin. Whoever has the power decides which face gets what inscription.


You're not in bed yet?

Do you know whose dog this is?

The more food you eat, the less we have to bring back. So eat as much as you want!


They were in love.

You depend too much on others.

Tolerant is shopping.

I'll give Piercarlo another chance.

During the night, a gunshot rang out.

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Are things different now?

Why are you cursing?

I ran into Fritz on the street the other day.

Diane has been dating a part-time janitor.

Can I use my credit card?

That's a cheerful remark.

I made a mistake through doing it in a hurry.


I told Sedat to stay away from Darci.


Everyone smiled at us.

I'm bilingual.

Evelyn stayed in Boston for three days.


She said that the mere sight of him made her sick.

The meeting might not be so bad.

I'm working on educating myself.