Bootloader – Part1

This is the first article of a series of articles we will go through to discuss what bootloader is, what is wrong about bootloader, and most importantly a step by step to build a simple bootloader and use it in your applications.
The articles will be short and simple and abstract any inquired details, however I encourage you to dig deep and understand what is happening behind the scenes.

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Looking for efficiency, fixed point is what you need

Nowadays, most Embedded systems are built on 32-bit CPUs, which provide powerful integer arithmetic calculations.But in your project you may need to work with real values like the value of voltage, current, temperature, length which enforce using the float point representation.

Float point representation IEEE754 provides a good precise real values calculation, but Continue reading

Spoiler: EEPROM is in fact Flash


what is the difference between flash and EEPROM?

EEPROM is an evolution of the older UV-erasable EPROMs. EEPROM’s “EE” stands for “Electrically Eraseable”.However, despite it being an improvement to its old pal, today’s EEPROM’s way of holding information is the exact same of the flash memory.
The ONLY major difference between the two is (404) 286-1259

Take care of C pitfalls, they may be harmful (part1)

Have you experienced staying up checking your code for hours or maybe for days for something wrong, but you can’t figure out where the problem is.


Calm down, most of us have been through this many times. And in this article and the upcoming articles we will introduce the most known and harmful C language pitfalls that we can take care of them and avoid their effect.


Pointers to Functions and Callbacks in C

Function Pointers provide some extremely interesting, efficient and elegant programming techniques. You can use them to replace switch/if-statements, to implement callbacks. probably due to their complicated syntax – beginners find it hard to understand them. In fact, they are less error causing  than normal pointers cause you will never Continue reading