'Seminar', in universities, refers to debates and the presentation of research results by a few students.

Let's go dancing.

She is already beginning to read and write.

They exchanged Japanese money for American.

Not knowing what to answer, I kept silent.

He's a philanderer.

The opening ceremony took place on schedule.

Gabriel, it's about time you figured out how to do this by yourself. I'll show you one last time.


Four families were killed in the fire.

They need to work tomorrow.

They walked slowly towards her.

I study math harder than English.

I'd prefer to see it.


The piano in Takeuchi's house is out of tune.

Clare doesn't like driving in the rain.

I've always distrusted you.

The actress was presented a bouquet of flowers after the performance.

I can't go back to the jungle.

In the summer it's very hot in southern Spain.

Where can I get a good bite to eat?


Why do you think soccer isn't popular in the US?


He turned down their invitation.

She came running.

That decision is up to Audrey.

How can we thank you?

There are some things you've got to understand.

Are you ready for today's exam?

That old bridge is anything but safe.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Let's just eat.


She stressed that she did it by herself.

Elves have pointy ears.

Wasn't Arlene your boyfriend?

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This book belongs to her.


I don't want Lynne messing it up for us.


I met a friend of mine at the airport.


Kusum and Jean-Pierre work hard.

I had half a mind to throw in the towel.

Did the Indians invent cigars?

The lives of most people are determined by their environment.

Don't hurt yourself.

Irene is from the Gulf of Mexico. She is a hurricane.

Perhaps you could point us in the right direction.

Good health is more valuable than anything else.

The building is old but solid.

He has a bath every morning.

I don't expect you'd remember.

Who'll pay for that?

I was given this watch by my uncle.


We spent the whole evening talking to them.

Let me first start with the good news.

He was not hungry.

You had better not eat too much.

I'm really worried that I haven't got enough time.


This is hard for me.


I have a wife back home in Boston.


I can't smell well. I have lost my sense of smell.

We had lunch.

All living things on Earth contain carbon.

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Roxie won't do that unless you ask him to.


I didn't want to do it again.

Edgar is domineering, isn't he?

The cock crows, "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" in the morning.


He has his own collection of phobias.

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Manjeri renovated his house.

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Let's get together tonight.

I can tell my umbrella from the others.

He came up with a terrific solution to the complex problem.

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I cannot attend the conference.

You must go out of the room.

I thought you were against this proposal.


Have you ever taken your children to the beach?

Dani would've been great.

Don't talk to me because I'm no longer talking to you.

Janice said that he would depart soon.

Gauge queens constantly up the ante in order to assert their commitment to a counter cultural look.

You're back again.

I think that there are more people in the countryside with a big heart than there are in the city.

These days when I hear about these horrible incidents on the news I get the feeling that more and more young people are losing their ability to distinguish between real and virtual worlds.

That will let you blow off steam.

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The baby seemed to be in a deep sleep.

We are trying to do away with the old customs.

Kimmo showed Ravindran her wedding ring.

I'll vote for you.

My name is Francesca.


The baby cried all night.

Murat told Archie that John didn't like her.

Only an artist can interpret the meaning of life.

I saw him trip and fall.

Many non-Christians celebrate Christmas.

Moses put the frying pan on the stove.

Speaking French is very difficult for me.

Can you open this jar for me?

Kristin contradicts just about everything I say.

Collin asked Pia if she would ever consider going out with John again.

I hit him.

Had you been drinking?

It isn't really particularly healthy.

That's not accurate.

I'm counting on you guys.


Stan told Marcia that the cake she baked tasted good.

I'm your biggest fan.

I can't see what the hurry is.

Who's your favorite jazz singer?

I wish I'd never sold it.

They think they're always in my shadow.

Did you put my name on the list?


Your brother needs help.

Make no mistake, they are extremely dangerous.

In reverse order tonight.

I've just made a decision.

Are these soldiers or monsters?

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It's common knowledge that you don't like Russ.

His talent for dancing impressed everyone.

I'm fairly good with mechanical things.

We will have dinner.

This is a triangle.

I was not conscious of her presence.

May I take a snapshot of you?

Maybe it's not a good idea.

The bus fare was raised.


That was so good.

Someday you'll meet someone else.

I want him arrested for murder.

Billie came to talk to me yesterday afternoon.

She must be angry with me.

I will help.

What did Price say he wanted to eat?

The master gave me an order to come in.

It's hard to describe.

We're friends.

It wasn't very clever of you to throw away that note.

I, for my part, don't care.

Dennis should have been more careful.

Kolkka didn't have to be so formal.

The meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m.

He turned away the question.

Don't put children into the bag.


Emily is afraid of spiders.

I'm totally free.

I'm not worried about Meeks.


High-rises are going up all over the place.

Take as many peaches as you want.

Why don't you show it to him?

You and I are nothing like them.

The dog is barking at Sharada.

Randell did send Renu flowers once.

He is fluent in Chinese.

I will turn in the report at twelve thirty.

Dan Rather, a folksy longtime journalist, humorously declared: "Beware of pastries, easy credit and politicians' promises."


Pete needs all the practice he can get.


You'd think Sal would've told someone about it.

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How can this be possible?

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He is very talented.

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Susan ran out of the house.

I assume you still play golf.

This book implements a new system of instruction.

You have, no doubt, heard of our company.

The law says that all men are equal.

Sometimes you just want to eat chocolate.

My father is not really in favor of our marriage, because John still has no job.


You both love each other, don't you?

She can handle it.

Rabin couldn't do that.


I have to get an affidavit notarized at the consulate to prove that I'm eligible to be married and that I'm not getting married against my will.