The policeman captured the man who was running.

I'm having so much fun.

You'll know soon enough.

I've got a wife at home.

Of course, I told her.

I didn't tell him anything.

I could see you marrying her.

Owen went to high school with me.

This is my drug!

Ladle the soup into everyone's bowl.

Did they sign?


Because of its origins, Canadian English has features of both American and British English.

Neville has ants in his pants.

Upon finding out about the others' success, she turned green with envy.

I can assure you everything has been taken care of.

I think Juan is going to love it.


Earle needed thirteen stitches.

Anytime you need a favor, call me.

He made a great fortune in his lifetime.

Why did you buy an American car?

He behaves very naturally.

Can I have some more candy?

You must have been working too hard.

I've gone to Boston twice.

What've you done with Manolis?


She was displeased at my letter.


You stood me up.


Have you found something out?

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In 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea.

They must have agreed about this subject.

She doesn't admit that she is in the wrong.


Micheal is probably out drinking with some of his friends.

Do we know who you are?

We're going to be aggressive.

He will never fail to carry out the project.

He more or less understands his problems.

She is busy preparing for the examination.

You'll feel better in the morning.


I need a hammer.

I've been giving this a lot of thought.

The news that her son was injured in the accident was a great shock to her.

The cat is eating the small mouse.

They probably saw our ship come into port.

If people get scared enough, anything could happen.

Get me something to eat.

It won't make any difference.

But for my family, I would not work so hard.

You saw the pictures, didn't you?

The new road will benefit the people living in the hills.


Put your toys back in the box.

Let's get the other one.

I don't know how I should do it.

Jordan pointed the finger at Jean.

The orchestra began to play.

I just want to know how far we're going.

You're going to want to take some notes.

I just want to get this paragraph right.

Which is your target?

Those children are making too much noise.

It is possible to access the Internet without a wire.


Hurry, or you won't get to the movie theater in time!


We're so excited.

Cliff's son was very rude to me.

That sounds a little hard to believe.

His nose is bleeding.

You won't be needing that again.

We'll discuss that later.

I swear it's true.

Let's forget last night ever happened.

Have you ever been fingerprinted?

You asked about her? What did she say?

I don't think anyone would consider Anna good-looking.

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Thanking you in advance.


"Rest your features" is pseudo-polite for "Shut up."

I'm going to work by bicycle.

I'm happy you liked it.

You should be careful what you say.

Your remark is irrelevant to our argument.

Is this an actress?

I've got to give you something.

Irvin isn't talkative.

She's diabetic, so her blood sugar was already out of whack.

We're out of tissue paper, so I've got to go buy some.

She goes to the beauty salon at least once a week.

We're having lunch.

You should polish your shoes before you go to the party.

He got related with her through marriage.

I saw the way you were looking at Brandi.

If I'd only known how Jeffie felt, I wouldn't have gone out with Robbin.

I really need to talk to Jinny.


Lori will answer all of your questions.

A gardener takes care of the grounds.

There is no treasure more precious than a child.

I won't see her again.

Marika doesn't trust me anymore.

My grandfather predeceased my great-grandfather.

They do that to everyone.

I shouldn't have told you.

Stagger doesn't trust any of us.

Do not leave the lights on when you leave the room.

The Great Barrier Reef, located off the northeast tip of Australia, is one of the natural wonders of the world.

Is that the only way out?

Why is everybody hugging him?


Dannie removed the lid from the medicine bottle.

That's a layman's idea.

Speak of angels, and you will hear their wings.

Can you see in this light?

It is no good to you.

Her son is a jet pilot.

Why not leave it behind?

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She won everything.

Gerard was lying about that.

I will postpone my trip to Scotland until it is warmer.

You've never had a girlfriend, have you?

I didn't hear what you said.

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Lee gave us some apples.

Matthias is really angry.

Age may have one side, but assuredly Youth has the other. There is nothing more certain than that both are right, except perhaps that both are wrong.

I wish I'd known that Gypsy couldn't speak French.

Metin pretended not to see Liz.

She was consumed with ambition.

They talk a lot to one another, over the telephone and in person.

You can use the bath before me.

It's rainy again.

Janos looked relieved.

This train rides very well.

I never thought I would have to support such a large family.

I'm not fat.

Written as it is in plain English, this book is useful to beginners.

The mountain is famous in myth and legend.

My son is a better student than I ever was.

She studied the Bible.

I feel terrible about the way things happened.

Nancy may never walk again.


I hope to attend.

She went with him to the movies.

He managed to be on time for class.

I'm reading my book.

Ofer patted Jong on the back.

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I'm aware that there's only a slim chance that you'll want to see me.


Who did you kiss?


It falls on Sunday.

The phlebotomist scared herself by practicing her craft on a balloon.

I was hoping you'd be able to babysit for us next Monday evening.


I put on some clean clothes.

We have our orders.

People usually only see a medical specialist like a urologist or a gastroenterologist after an initial referral by their primary healthcare provider.


I am not particularly fond of Shaw's plays.


This bowl of soup will be enough.

He played the piano and she sang.

I have an invitation.

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Please give Daniele my best.

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Lester is wanted by the FBI for kidnapping.

I am getting bored.

It would've been better not to say anything.

Could you please pass me the pepper?

I'm sorry I lied to you before.


Do not read while walking.

How else can he act?

He looks as if he is going to be ill.

How arrogant!

I don't wanna be his friend.

I had scarcely entered the class before the students started asking questions.

He is not as intelligent as his older brother.

Your daughter's very attractive.

Do you think it looks good on me?

Ole wouldn't be at the bank this time of day.

He is very nice. He never speaks ill of others.

Let's call the dog Skipper.

Did I get you?

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We all saw him!