He doesn't seem so well.

Stagger and Roberta were tired of waiting.


The woman they were due to call has left.

You're a doctor, right?

I'm done with all that.


Maybe someone else made Kerri do it.


Our house is conveniently located.


Did you follow any of that?

What was the implication of his remark?

She was hurt to find that nobody took any notice of her.


I have an ice bag.

If any of these were good enough, I would have told you by now.

My grandpa drinks coffee with a group of old guys every morning.

He boozes too much.

Dan lives far from the airport.

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Basil, sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano are popular herbs.

This is the only thing that Jelske ever gave me.

Norbert is Reinhard's teacher.

I don't know what Shel wants me to buy.

Linley certainly seemed happy.


I didn't ask for your opinion.

The whole secret in prolonging his life lay in not shortening it.

Mr White seems to have many friends.

I've got a wife and child.

Val lost control.

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You should drink a lot of liquid.

Benjamin is so boring.

Taninna goes to the library and studies every day.


He's a real character.


I could hear the voices of several other guests who had arrived and were already eating together in the main dinning room.

Aren't you sleepy?

Will you give me a light?

Mahmoud used to like baseball.

He, who kicks the pillar that stands on the bridge that leads over the river that flows through the village, in which lives the man, who owns the collar that bestows magical powers that perform miracles, dies.

I heard Gypsy could do that.

Does anybody else know about this?

He couldn't resist the temptation.

We may be able to see birds' nests.

Anita doesn't like swimming.

That won't make them happy.


I can't convince her.

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By reason or by force.

Look who's here.

Lynne told me that he couldn't really trust Microsoft.

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Let's split up into teams.

1. Finely chop the chicken breast meat.

I'll keep looking.

It's still a job.

Tolerant didn't like it when Masanobu ignored him.

Spudboy has been very generous.

I've decided we should move to Boston.

I met Anatoly when I was thirteen.

I said come alone.

If you guys want to sleep here, it's no problem.

Do you have disposition to obesity?

Tran says he's planning to go to Boston this winter.

Susan is majoring in American history.

I read the article you told me about.

Hazel stayed in the shallow end of the pool.

Monday morning was typical.

I've got to drink your cola.

Kamiya is likely to make a fortune.

The animal died from hunger.


We're prudent.

Polly seems to have it in for me.

Barbara will be away for at least a week.

You look funny doing that.

Matti is too smart for that.


Did you cook the potatoes in their jackets?

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I intended to succeed, but I could not.


I saw him reading a book.


Refer to the Users' Guide if you have any problems.

He made the actress his wife.

Aren't you Markus?


Let me handle it.

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The dress shirt is clean and dry.

She was sobbing.

What else can you tell us?

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What happened to the ship?

I know how much she means to you.

I'm a bit pushed for money.

There is big oversight in that plan.

I think we need more information.

The whole place was covered in snow.

That was obvious.

He's exactly my age.

The first point that requires clarification is that the design was purely experimental.

There's a new sheriff in town.

I asked Mike why he never studied French


When you buy a <xxx> television get 1 year of subscription free.

Before the conquest by the Arabians, the majority of the Persians were Zoroastrians, but there were also Jews and Christians. So, who could imagine today that Iranians have Jewish or Christian ancestors?

He wrote the Chinese poem in bold strokes.

What's in your backpack?

Let Tahsin buy a new computer if he wants to.

He had his tonsils removed because they would get inflamed too often.

Who won the Super Bowl?

Until now the city of Bilbao has been characterized as a wealthy manufacturing centre.

Can I have a toothbrush, please?

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She had a look of fear on her face.

Her car struck against the gatepost through her carelessness.

Rusty told me that he would be at tomorrow's meeting.

The siren blew.

Spiders prey on flies and other small insects.

Dirk isn't too happy.

If I hadn't been around you wouldn't even be here.

Many of the passengers from the sinking ship never reached shore.

If you want to speak, raise your hand.

When do you need them?

She repeated what she had heard to her mother.


It is a labor to persuade her.

I ordered the book from England.

Maybe Tor and Honzo will help.

He is richer than anyone else in this town.

When we arrived, the crowd had faded away.


It could have been anyone.

I'd like to give it to Pratap.

We complained to the manager about the noise next door.

Investment bankers are tearing their hair out over the crash.

Please stay seated until the plane comes to a complete stop.

Phil gently nudged Gypsy.

I told Spike I loved him.


She can speak Japanese.

Remember to mail this letter.

Ole wanted Miki to come to his party.

Let it be ever so humble, there is no place like home.

Isidore broke the window pane.

Be careful, I don't want any troubles.

The meaning of the sentences changes when you change the punctuation.

I knew you liked me even though you never showed it.

I'm the last one who saw her.

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How did you come by this painting?

It is simplicity that makes the uneducated more effective than the educated when addressing popular audiences.

He likes seafood.

She was nearly frozen to death in the snow.

Tuan said that you said something I know you would never say.


Not knowing what to see, I asked him for advice.

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Willie isn't as tall as I am.

What a coincidence!

He is quick to speak but slow to act.


You like to feel cash with your fingers, so you think money's more real.


I'm really anxious to know what my parents are going to give me for my birthday.

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Needless to say, because of the accident, he will stay away from school for a while.

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I'd like to buy a good dictionary.


When did you begin to study Japanese?

I've never been dumped before.

Marek wanted to be there.

We have to admit that our team is inferior to that of the United States.

Vijay mentioned it.

Mathematics is Albert's favorite subject.

Andre has never been seriously ill his life.

Sanford wouldn't leave without your permission.

It's boring to stay at home.

I eat lunch in that restaurant every day.

Kay still looks sleepy.


Our picnic was altogether spoiled by the rain.


The half of the Moon facing the Sun is always lit, but the lit side does not always face the Earth.


As long as it doesn't freeze!

Come on, what's his name?

Marguerite went to Tiefenthal's funeral.


We have something pressing to discuss.

A bad wife is the shipwreck of her husband.

Check out these stats.